Feb 23, 2018

Level 1 teacher needed!!!

Job Position: 

Level 1 Teacher (kids 5-8years)

Thursday class from 6-8pm

Start Date:

September 2018

  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills in German and English
  • Establish positive relationship with students, parents and teaching team
  • Confidence and ability to establish classroom management rules for behaviour and procedures
  • Knows how to organize a class and make learning a fun and meaningful process by providing a variety of materials and resources for children to explore and learn the basics of the German Language and culture.
  • Provide an inviting, interesting and innovative learning environment
  • Creating engaging lesson plans that allows flexibility in regards to different language skills and age levels of students in the class.
  • Ideal candidate will be creative, energetic and has great passion, patience and love for children.
  • Willingness to attend Professional Development workshops

  • Experienced with children age group 5-8
  • Degree in teaching or in specialized subject with a certificate in education is an asset, but not essential.

We offer:

Transitioning period by observing our current classroom and having the opportunity to meet current teacher and students, as well as to become familiar with the teaching environment.

Our Level 1 teacher has an assistant helping with group activities, such as crafts, differentiation etc.

We really appreciate long-term commitments!!!

For applications please contact:           Kathleen Schroeder-Brass, Principal

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