Cultural Events

As a Heritage Language School, we celebrate the following German Cultural Traditions at our school.

What: Karneval / Fasching
When: The festive season occurs immediately before Lent; the main events are usually during February.
How: People will celebrate in costume at various carnival events and parties. There are carnival parades, carnival speeches, dance groups, songs, masks and costumes. It is literally the time for people to live it up.

Sankt Nikolaus (St. Nicholas Day)
For the history, legend, songs and more information:

Who: Sankt Nikolaus
When: December 6th
How: Sankt Nikolaus visits homes, giving nuts and apples to the children. His servant Ruprecht accompanies him on his visits. In his bag, Nikolaus carries gifts for the good children and a switch for punishing the bad whose bad behaviour is written down in a book. On the night before December 6th, many children put their cleaned boots in front of the door to receive gifts from Sankt Nikolaus. Nikolaus fills the boots that are clean with gifts. For the other kids, Sankt Nikolaus has potatoes and coal which he puts into their boots.

Sankt Martin
For the history, legend, songs and more information:'s_Day
Who: Sankt Martin von Tours
When: November 11th
How: Children parade through the streets, singing and carrying lanterns with lit candles. Sometimes they are being accompanied by a rider on horseback in a red coat. In some areas bonfires a lit and the children re-enact the story of St. Martin sharing his coat with the beggar. It is tradition to eat a goose on November 11th.

Parade with Lanterns, 2011

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