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The German Language School Saskatoon was established in Fall 1983 by Leslie Angele with the support of the Multicultural Council and the German Canadian Concordia Club.

To start a new school did not only involve the task of finding volunteers, who would commit to teaching classes, but as well to apply for grants to keep the school running. Obtaining teaching materials was certainly a challenge back in the 80's. Our school would like to acknowledge the volunteer work of some of our very first teachers:  Agnes Amundrud, Doris Bietenholz, Linda Prefontaine and Rita Verma.

Times have changed and a global network of connections and possibilities meanwhile make it easier for the principal to organize materials for students and teachers. Technology certainly opened faster ways of communication for administration, but as well added on more duties for the principal. Keeping a reliable and steady teaching team and building a good relationship with our students and families always come first. Administration includes attracting new teachers and students, advertisement, cooperation with our funding partners (SGC, SAIL, Central Agency for Schools Abroad in Germany), grant applications, classroom rentals, maintaining website and social media, presence at major events etc. We are thankful for the work all principals have put into our school since 1983: Leslie Angele, Byron van Bryce, Marie Hüttemann, Gabriele Waidelich-Harrison, Susanne Pachal and currently Kathleen Schröder-Brass. 

After the school was established, classes for children were held on Saturday mornings for many years and adult classes were added on during the week. With a shift in weekend activities for children and families, children’s classes were moved to evening classes during the week later. Our language program meanwhile offers different levels of full year adult and children’s classes during week nights, as well as short term travel and/or work and DSD1 prep classes, always depending on teacher availability and sufficient enrolment. Tutoring lessons are scheduled upon request.

At the German Language School, we bring the German language and culture to you!

We provide opportunities for students to acquire a specific level of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing German. We can give students of German background opportunities to enhance their cultural identity. 

As a "Deutsche Sprachdiplom Schule/German Language Diploma School" (DSS) we offer the A2 and B1 (DSD I) exams for high school students, who wish to prove their language proficiency level. The DSD 1 certificate (German Language Diploma 1) corresponds to Level B1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and is required for admission to preparatory courses for studying in Germany.

Classes are taught using some of the following different media and activities: textbooks, workbooks, quizzes, videos, games, music & crafts as well as online tools. Our teaching team shares and/or celebrates traditional German holidays and events such as: Sankt Martin, Nikolaus, Fasching (Carnival) and Eastern etc. to expose our students to the German culture.


Our school is a place to learn, a place to celebrate culture, a place to make friends!


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