Aug 17, 2020


Dear School Community and Friends,

With the recent announcements by our province, followed by the release of a "Parent & Caregiver Handbook" by Saskatoon Public Schools laying out the details for the school start on September 8th, we are all able to have a better understanding how class instruction in school facilities will look like in fall. As follows the link to the "Parent & Caregiver Handbook" for your convenience.

Our team recently met to discuss how the school start for our language school will look like, considering not only that we as well have to follow the guidelines by the provinces health officials and by our landlord (if we are actually able to rent classrooms), but as well to consider, how every teacher feels about returning in a classroom setting and/or offering an online program for their class.

Here are the most important facts for you:

!!! Classes will start the week of MONDAY, Sept 14th and MONDAY, Sept 21st !!!

Please note that the exact start date and time for each class will be determined within the upcoming weeks! All classes will continue as evening classes!

!!! All teachers are currently planning to start their classes in an online format !!! 

This will be a combination of a ZOOM meeting (video call) and instructions/homework etc. on Google Classroom. The details for this set up for each classroom will follow closer to the start date of each class through your teacher or myself. Some teachers prefer to teach an online program this school year and some are open to returning into a classroom, if possible and safe. I will indicate each option below with the classes.

  • Adult Beginner S1 (1st year) / Regina Prost / online or in class / Monday or Tuesday
  • Adult Beginner S2 (2nd year) / Polina Lerman / online / Monday or Tuesday
  • Adult Beginner S3 (3rd year) / Theresa Kliem / online / Friday
  • Adult Intermediate S3 (3rd year) / Franziska Davies / online / Wednesday
  • Adult Advanced Conversational / Josephin Dick / online or in class / Wednesday
  • High School Credit Class (Gr.9-12) / Josephin Dick / online or in class / Thursday
  • DSD 1 (German Language Diploma Class/High School) / Josephin Dick / starting Jan 2021 / Monday or Tuesday
  • Level 3 (Gr.6-8) / Polina Lerman / online / Monday or Tuesday
  • Level 2 (Gr.3-5) / Brandon Smith / online or in class / Thursday
  • Level 1 (K-Gr.2) / Anna Schmidt / online / Thursday
!!! Please note that class offerings are dependent on sufficient enrollment !!!

If some of our classes will return to in class instruction within the upcoming school year, we as well ask our teachers and students to wear face masks, if social distancing isn't possible (e.g. group work), if this is still the recommendation by the provinces health officials. Our teachers as well have the choice to use face shields.

If we return to in class instruction with our classrooms, we will have a waiver in place for our students/families to sign, as we are unable to guarantee 100% that no contraction of the COVID-19 virus will take place.

Class set ups will be finalized over the next weeks prior to our school start. Our school community will be ask to inform us about their preference (online/in class) for instructions.

If you are a new student/family or you are interested in our German language class offerings, we will be asking for your preference (online/in class) as well.

Continue to enjoy this wonderful summer weather and stay healthy and safe!

Aug 5, 2020

2020/21 School Year / Update

Dear School Community and Friends,

With the beginning of August our team is starting up the planning for the new school year and I just like to give you a little update on our overall situation.

Our team will discuss plans for in class as well as online class teaching for the upcoming school year. One of the main factors for the different options on running our classes is the uncertainty if rooms will be available for us to rent. Still to this point, we have no word from Saskatoon Public Schools on future rental possibilities in their buildings. I have been in touch with locations like churches, community centers, libraries etc. to check on other possibilities for meeting rooms/classrooms. Most of them are still not clear enough if they would actually rent out to us. One other hurdle for sure are the higher rental rates at such locations and I can not say if negotiations are possible.

If you know of a place/building (not private) that has several meeting rooms for up to 15 people, I would appreciate it if you could let me know and I can get in touch with them. We do need whiteboards and a screen/projector would be great. Internet connection for the teachers would be very helpful as well.

I think I can safely say that all teachers will be back for the new school year. Some of them indicated already if they prefer in class and/or online teaching. Some classrooms might have to move to another day as well, as some teachers are on different schedules. 

We know of course that some of our students/families will be hesitant to return into a classroom, as much as others are looking forward to get back to the weekly classroom routine with their teacher and fellow students. At the same time some students will prefer if their class will be run online. We are well aware that online classes are not suitable for everybody.

Our team will discuss safety guidelines and measurements we have to consider for in class teaching. If we have rental classrooms, we for sure have to follow our landlords safety guidelines first of all.

I will be in touch with our students/families as soon as our team has settled on a basic plan for each classroom.

We sure hope that we will "see" you again in September!!!

Kind Regards,

Kathleen Schroeder-Brass

SARCAN Fundraiser / Drop & Go

Dear Students, Families and Friends!


Our school now has a group account with SARCAN Recycling Drop & Go.

We kindly ask you, your family and friends to support our efforts to raise additional funds for our German Language School in Saskatoon. Get the word out for us!

How does it work:
  • take your bags and boxes to one of the SARCAN Drop & Go locations
  • go to the kiosk and choose "I have an account"
  • punch in our group phrase German and Log In
  • confirm that you will drop for our school (German Language School Saskatoon)
  • punch in how many bags/boxes you have
  • it will print out all your tags and a receipt
  • put the tags on your bags/boxes 
  • put the bags on the turnstile and the boxes on the roller
  • Done
!!! Important !!!

Please no glass in bags. Glass has to be dropped in boxes or you can get milk crates at SARCAN to put your glass into.

We will get an email from Sarcan as soon as your bags/boxes have been counted and a cheque is ready for pick up.

If you usually put cans, bottles etc. in your blue recycling bin, please consider collecting them for us in future! If help is needed to get bags and boxes to SARCAN, let us know!

We do appreciate, if you decide to Drop your containers for our school in the future!

!!! THANK YOU !!!

Jun 19, 2020

2019/2020 End of School Year

All classes are finished for the 2019/2020 school year!!!

We did run all our adult classes and our high school credit class with online programs since mid March/mid April. THANK YOU to our students, who did take part in this experience!

We are going to put together a summer program package for our Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 classrooms, because we were not able to cater to these classes with an online program during the past months. Please be patient with us, we are working on this!

New School Year 2020/21

Please contact us, if you have any questions on our classes for the upcoming school year. You can as well have a look under the Classes & Fees tab to inform yourself about our offerings starting September 2020.