Dear School Community and Friends,

Our team has finalized the set up for the classes for our new school year. Please have a look under the CLASSES & FEES tab on the top of this page for information on the start dates as well as if the classes offered are taught in person or online. As our teaching team volunteers their time aside their full time jobs and/or studies, the set up for in person or online instructions is their choice according to their schedules. Our schools calendar will be posted under the CALENDAR tab soon. You can find the calendar from Saskatoon Public Schools there already as we plan our classes according to their calendar.

Registration is open and tuition can be paid anytime. Tuition fees are posted under the CLASSES & FEES tab as well. Tuition can be paid in full for the whole year or we can arrange for a schedule for installments if needed. Payment via e-Transfer to germanschoolsaskatoon@gmail.com is very smooth and easy, but cheque or cash (in person only) works as well.

Our current student body as well as families or individuals who contacted me for classes in the past months will receive a survey by email soon. I use the survey to plan for each class in matters of student numbers and kindly ask you to fill out the survey as soon as you see it in your inbox. Thank you!

Please don't hesitate to contact me (CONTACT tab) if you have further questions.

Our team is looking forward to another school year with lots of familiar faces and welcoming new students in our classes.

See you soon,

Kathleen Schroeder-Brass


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