SARCAN Fundraiser / Drop & Go

Dear Students, Families and Friends!


Our school now has a group account with SARCAN Recycling Drop & Go.

We kindly ask you, your family and friends to support our efforts to raise additional funds for our German Language School in Saskatoon. Get the word out for us!

How does it work:
  • take your bags and boxes to one of the SARCAN Drop & Go locations
  • go to the kiosk and choose "I have an account"
  • punch in our group phrase German and Log In
  • confirm that you will drop for our school (German Language School Saskatoon)
  • punch in how many bags/boxes you have
  • it will print out all your tags and a receipt
  • put the tags on your bags/boxes 
  • put the bags on the turnstile and the boxes on the roller
  • Done
!!! Important !!!

Please no glass in bags. Glass has to be dropped in boxes or you can get milk crates at SARCAN to put your glass into.

We will get an email from Sarcan as soon as your bags/boxes have been counted and a cheque is ready for pick up.

If you usually put cans, bottles etc. in your blue recycling bin, please consider collecting them for us in future! If help is needed to get bags and boxes to SARCAN, let us know!

We do appreciate, if you decide to Drop your containers for our school in the future!

!!! THANK YOU !!!


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