2020/21 School Year / Update

Dear School Community and Friends,

With the beginning of August our team is starting up the planning for the new school year and I just like to give you a little update on our overall situation.

Our team will discuss plans for in class as well as online class teaching for the upcoming school year. One of the main factors for the different options on running our classes is the uncertainty if rooms will be available for us to rent. Still to this point, we have no word from Saskatoon Public Schools on future rental possibilities in their buildings. I have been in touch with locations like churches, community centers, libraries etc. to check on other possibilities for meeting rooms/classrooms. Most of them are still not clear enough if they would actually rent out to us. One other hurdle for sure are the higher rental rates at such locations and I can not say if negotiations are possible.

If you know of a place/building (not private) that has several meeting rooms for up to 15 people, I would appreciate it if you could let me know and I can get in touch with them. We do need whiteboards and a screen/projector would be great. Internet connection for the teachers would be very helpful as well.

I think I can safely say that all teachers will be back for the new school year. Some of them indicated already if they prefer in class and/or online teaching. Some classrooms might have to move to another day as well, as some teachers are on different schedules. 

We know of course that some of our students/families will be hesitant to return into a classroom, as much as others are looking forward to get back to the weekly classroom routine with their teacher and fellow students. At the same time some students will prefer if their class will be run online. We are well aware that online classes are not suitable for everybody.

Our team will discuss safety guidelines and measurements we have to consider for in class teaching. If we have rental classrooms, we for sure have to follow our landlords safety guidelines first of all.

I will be in touch with our students/families as soon as our team has settled on a basic plan for each classroom.

We sure hope that we will "see" you again in September!!!

Kind Regards,

Kathleen Schroeder-Brass


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